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🤍🌿Clarity Flower Essence 🌿🤍

Made from the flowers of my favorite neighborhood White Oleander, this essence was the first I ever made and worked with. That first batch I made wasn’t done quite properly; I made it on a whim using only my intuition and basic instructions provided from a friend and I didn’t even realize Oleander was poisonous at the time. Needless to say I’m fine BUT even after I realized how powerful the essence was, it just didn’t feel right selling it when I knew it wasn’t made safely. 

Fast forward to last month - its already blitzkreigingly hot here in the desert and nothing is blooming. The bush that spoke to me first, that gave me the first flowers to work with has since become my neighborhood bestie. On a walk one day with my son, I noticed two perfect blooms tucked down in the shade from the sun - gifted to me so that I could recreate this Essence - but properly this time!!

I’m so so so excited to introduce to y’all CLARITY ESSENCE. Use it to bring clarity of though before channelings, card pulls, client sessions, or whatever you need just a bit of help clearing things up mentally. It’s truly my most-used essence. (Followed closely by ‘Return to Self’ essence.)

Made safely with a double-cup method using filtered water and organic ACV with the mother to preserve. Can sweeten with honey upon request, but I find it really doesn’t need it. This product is purely energetic and does not contain any plant matter.

Clarity Flower Essence

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