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This energy clearing or "smudge" kit includes everything pictured:

1 small burning stone

1 small satchel of Moxa (Mugwort)

1 small cord of hemp wick

Instructions for use


Moxa, also known as Mugwort or Artemesia, has been in the Chinese Medicine toolkit for hundreds of years. Used internally as Ai Ye, it warms the uterus and benefits fertility; externally it is burned as moxa to add Qi to the body and warm the channels. When burned for energy clearing, Moxa gently clears the space while actually benefitting the feminine energy in the space and all within it. Far from endangered, Mugwort grows very well in multiple climates and is easy to cultivate.


To use, take a small amount of  moxa from the satchel and form into a pyramid shape with your fingers. Place the moxa pyramid onto the stone on a safe, flat surface. Light the hemp wick and use the burning hemp to light the moxa. Make sure to use only in a well-ventilated space, as moxa tends to be very smokey! Lift the stone to move as you would your typical energy clearing burnable.

Energy Clearing Kit

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