My version of a "grounding" essence ~ when we begin to understand that we are truly one with all that is, "grounding" truly becomes returning to our Self. Allow this essence to help guide you gently home to yourself, to your physical body.


The Flower used in this essence called out to me on 4.14 asking to be held & worked with. On this day, the Moon passed over Andromeda, Venus entered Taurus after its alignment with Andromeda, and the Sun had sextiled Mars the previous day. Such potent energy that I really feel emobdies this essence. I created this Essence under the Sun on that day and it is additionally charged with a Rose Quartz egg & a quartz point I just programmed in Sedona.


3 - 5 drops orally as desired. I suggest using in the morning or before any ritual work or meditation.

Return to Self flower essence