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🌀✨Sirian Star Essence ✨🌀

Created during the Sun’s yearly alignment with the fixed star(s) Sirius - charged with clear quartz and oracle, flower essence and tarot cards that hold Sirian-type feels. 

It is my experience that these Star Essences are best utilized EXTERNALLY - not internally. I’ve tried taking it internally like a flower essences with not so great results. However - when I switched to using it externally - SO MUCH opened up. As Sirius does, it helps us SEE what we need to see, connect the dots we maybe have missed before. It’s proving an invaluable resource to me in the time between the true Sirian alignment and the false “lion’s gate” on August 8. [for more information on this see The Cosmic Space Witch’s full dive into the Lion’s Gate - available on YouTube! ] 

I love using this in tandem with my Clarity flower essence - available now in the shop!

Also I have to give a shoutout to Sam at @findmeinthestars on Instagram for not only being an amazing human, a rad 13-sign+ sign astrologer but for ALSO bringing the possibility of making these Star essences into my awareness. Go check out their page, book a session or join their Patreon! 

Sirian Star Essence

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