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Everyone say hello to the latest small-batch flower essence to hit my shop .. 💫STARSEED REMEMBRANCE💫 •
To make a very long story short, this Essence sat on my shelf for a while after I made them.. not really speaking to me. The flowers themselves called to me to be made but once I got the Essence done.. nothing. I tried a couple of times to see what it’s effects were and it was ... not great. Still I KNEW there was something here.. something that either wasn’t meant for me or I just wasn’t ready for yet. Turns out it was the latter. •
Just a few days ago, some dots connected and all of a sudden.. I felt called to grab this bottle. (And Clarity.) Next thing I knew, I was having a full-blown starseed past-life memory unlocking. Like this Essence was just the piece I needed to open that door - ready for whatever was on the other side. •
Imbued with the frequency of the Andromeda alignment & 4’s; this quartz and these two “desert starseed” clusters. •
Starseed, are you ready to Remember? 💫✨🌼

Starseed Remembrance Flower Essence

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