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Current Community Offerings

Herbs and Remedies

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The classic modality. I insert tiny needles in select points across your body to treat (almost) any symptoms and patterns you may have. Painless, effective, and rejuvenating, acupuncture is for every body.



Using glass cups and suction to bring Qi and Blood to the surface, dispel Wind and move stangnations. Cupping can treat colds (yes, really), all kinds of pain and even benefits some internal conditions. Not just for athletes - cupping is for everyone! It's my favorite "faux-ssage."


Gua Sha

Similar to cupping but instead of suction, Gua Sha is a scraping technique. Traditionally taught using soup spoons (and in the home done with almost anything nearby, including the hands. I almost like Gua Sha better than cupping for sore muscles and a massage-like feel.



Over thousands of years, practitioners of herbal medicine in East Asia categorized hundreds of plant and animal herbal specimens according to temperature, flavor, direction of effect in the body, channels entered, and what it is they're actually doing in the body. Herbal medicine is extremely potent and is one hundred percent customized to your individual pattern. 



Combining Western nutritional science with Eastern nutrition philosophy, and basically everything I've ever learned into simple changes that you can make to improve your life. I'm here to teach you the things that I've learned that can help your body live its best life. 



Not meditation. Not yoga. Not quite Qi Gong either. It's time to get back in your body - and the best way to do that is through the breath. 



First Treatment - New Client


First treatments are typically longer as the intake portion is much more extensive than a normal "doctor." Expect to be here 1.5 - 2 hours. All treatments include acupuncture and any additional modalities at my discretion in the cost of treatment. 

Sliding scale available - please inquire.


Follow-up Treatments - Returning Clients


Second treatments and beyond are typically shorter than the first, on average about 1 - 1.5 hours. All treatments include acupuncture and any additional modalities at my discretion in the cost of treatment.

Sliding scale available - please inquire.


Concierge Acupuncture

Please inquire about pricing.

Available to clients who have had at least two treatments with me - aka are current and returning clients.

Premium in-home care just like coming into the office. Wake up feeling a bit sick? Give me a call, I will come to you. Injure yourself and you can't come in? I'll come to you!


Multiple Treatment Packages

Please inquire about pricing.

Receive a discount when you prepay or prebook multiple sessions in advance. Perfect for prenatal or postpartum care, pregnancy loss support, or if you're just someone who appreciates a good deal.

Guest Witch

Hire your very own Guest Witch (TM pending) for your next event! Birthdays, company events, fundraisers.. any event that you'd like to add a little magic to. Tarot readings, oracle card pulls, intuited personalized teas, and all manner of crystal, plant, and sound magic.

Please book at least a month in advance. Pricing and terms negotiated on a per client basis.

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